Summer Fun- Quarantine Style

We love all things summer, but summer looks a little different in our house this year. However, we definitely haven’t stopped the fun. My kids live for the summer days; ice cream, water play, and bike rides. After breakfast they are literally waiting by the door with their shoes. Outside is their best outlet and I will not deprive them.

So as we continue to stay safe and social distance, we’ve established a new summer “norm”. I am constantly trying new things to keep them entertained and make “staying home” enjoyable for them. Online shopping is my new norm. Amazon and Target is my new best friend.

Although we’ve tried a number of new things, below you’ll find our top 5 summer fun activities.

1. Step2 water table

2. Mini dip pool

3. Bubble machine

4. Side walk chalk

5. My first trampoline

And while those our are top favorites, the list of outdoor activities can go on. My kids seem to make fun out of any and everything. I won’t complain about that, because as they get older, I’m sure it will change.

I hope some of these items can bring magical memories to your home. As they have to ours. Enjoy your summer and stay safe! XO


Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “what is my purpose?”

For as long as I can remember, being called “Mommy” was my dream. A dream that I am grateful to live everyday. To make it even better God blessed me to be a mama of both; a boy and a girl!

Don’t get me wrong, being a mommy is hard work; it’s definitely no walk in the park. And many times I have to ask myself if I am doing this “mommy thing” right. But truth is, my kids smiles and infectious laughs is the only confirmation I need. I strive to make magical impacting memories with my kids. Their happiness brings me so much joy and makes my heart so full.

Will you always have it right? NO!!! We are all learning, but continue to make those memories. Those hugs, kisses, pool days, that messy ice cream, moments of splashing in the mud, and park days will be unforgettable to them! Keep pushing mama, you are not alone. This, motherhood, is MY PURPOSE!!!!

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